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  1. #Frontline Acoustics
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  3. #Frontline_Acoustics_Modified_en_v1.1.7z(latest ver.) update 05/24/'09

Author: TangoRomeo

From the Author
The goal was to recreate an audio ambience for Steel Fury that is both, more immersive and realistic than the stock sounds.

- 110 New Sound Samples in 44.1KHz/16 bit

I packed his awesome sounds Mod by using
Mod Packer for Steel Fury (English) [by Tanx]
in order to make it enable or disable via Generic Mod Enabler at any time.
I tested it out a few times with Steel Panzer Mod v1.2 and so on, and worked perfectly.

: (Compass_mod and Free Camera Mod(Eng) are optional.)

I put a new installer version of TangoRomeo's Frontline Acoustics on my website that is a little bit fixed and modified by myself.

I readjusted his original sound level of:

Also, I replaced snd_dropg with new one
and mixed some .cfg files to keep compatible with other Mod like Playable_Panzers_v0_2

: (Compass_mod and Free Camera Mod(Eng) are optional.)

I recommend you should install this Mod after installing:

1. Unofficial_patch_SF_v0.1_eng
2. Steel_Panzer_Mod_v1.2_eng
3. Playable Panzer II, III & StuG v0.2
4. Campaigns_Mod_v08r4

Frontline_Acoustics_Modified_en_v1.1(latest version): Download

This is the latest/more compatible version of FA and I am sure it works fine with the Steel Panzer Mod v1.3
(the sounds themselves are not modified from the previous ver.)

Here's a recommended order for installation to get compatible with Steel Panzer Mod v1.3:

1. Unofficial_patch_SF_v0.1_eng
2. This Mod
3. Steel_Panzer_Mod_v1.3_eng



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